A Typical Retreat

Your A New Way of Being Retreat is unique to you and your experience will be unique to you also 

Each day is flexible, yet structured.

You are on a journey of discovery…  

Arrival day

Kick off your shoes, you’ve arrived!

Relax and unwind… take your time unpacking…
Aperitifs, followed by a delicious dinner soaking up the unique atmosphere, are waiting for you.


Early Morning: Welcome the new day with Helen and awaken your mind, body and soul with gentle yoga, simple stretching and guided meditation.

Take time for a relaxing early morning dip in the pool or maybe a walk in nature…

Breakfast: Enjoy a healthy and delicious selection of fresh juices, fruit, oven-baked breads, cereals, local cheeses, cold meats, free-range eggs, teas and coffee… the perfect way to start your day.

Mid-morning: It’s time to explore your dreams, passions, life, love, purpose and what really matters to you. You get to peel back the layers of uncertainty, doubt, frustration, fear and all the other emotions that keep you stuck.

You learn to release what holds you back using powerful tools and techniques so you can move forward with your life. You experience deep shifts, a newfound lightness and a profound change in yourself…

Lunch: Is a selection of delicious fresh salads, grilled vegetables, olives, cheeses, breads and fruit.

All are locally-sourced and prepared for you with love and attention.


After lunch: This is dedicated ‘me time’. It is your personal time to enjoy in a shaded corner, by the pool, in the peacefulness of your room… It is time to reflect on all you have learned and experienced so far…

Mid-afternoon: Enjoy a group activity… it could be a meditation walk or active imagination journalling or creating your vision board… one thing is for certain, you will  connect with all your senses and uncover new perspectives…

This is also the time to discover the power and inspiration of expert one-on-one guidance with personal coaching and energy therapy sessions with Helen.


Early evening: Relax with a chilled glass of wine or maybe a delicious fruit juice and savour the unique atmosphere.

It is the ideal moment for continued conversations, sharing experiences, reflecting on the day and admiring the sun as it sinks below the horizon.

Dinner: Is a delicious array of fresh local produce including many regional specialities.

Whether it’s grilled fish, Mediterranean vegetables, fresh salads, local cheeses, delicate pastries… share the delight of simple, delicious food and great conversation in delightful surroundings.

 Each day of your Retreat builds on the next

As your body relaxes and your mind unwinds you start to decompress. You feel like you can breathe again…

You discover you are able to let go of the stresses and anxieties that seemed so overwhelming just a short while ago.

Feeling calm and relaxed allows you to see your problems and challenges from a new perspective and make different, more empowering choices.

As you develop your conscious awareness, you discover the art of switching off your negative self-talk and find the space to be still.

Confusion is replaced by clarity; problems by solutions…

You are calm, relaxed and ready for life.

You take home with you…

Renewed Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement and huge amounts of Self-belief.

An Empowered Mindset and the Confidence to follow your Dreams.

Belief in your Path and the Ability to Focus on your Projects.

Simple Wellbeing Techniques and daily Practices to keep you on track.

The Happiness, Tranquility and Trust that comes with discovering a new way of being.

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