Helen’s Story

It all began quite a few years ago in a small town in Norfolk, England.

I’ve been told by my mother that I was quite a ‘precocious’ child. I’ll take that as a compliment, but if the truth be known, I think I was a bit of a handful! Funny, because my childhood memories tell me that I was shy and rather fearful, preferring to take a back seat rather than risk being centre stage.

me-hunstanton-2yrs-croppedStarting school was a real challenge. I cried every day, much to the disdain of my older sister who had the unenviable task of dealing with me.

Then, in primary school, I distinctly remember being terrified of ‘playtime’ because fellow 8 year-old Philip Acres would delight in chasing me around the playground and ‘Tubby’ Winters called me ‘owl eyes’. Philip and Tubby, if you’re out there, apologies for naming and shaming you. It was a long time ago and all is forgiven!

Imagination is a wonderful thing…

I used mine to see a life full of adventure, mysteries and excitement… epic tales of success as a show-jumper riding my much-dreamed-of pony, as an ice-skater and dancer expressing myself through my own choreography, travelling the world, uncovering mysteries and unlocking them…

Travel and journeys have been a big theme in my life…

As I reflect back, I recognise the synchronicities, the importance of certain places, colours, sounds and perfumes to my soul and how, over the years, I have sought them out.

The first time I travelled abroad I was 11 years old. We went as a family to France, and it was a big thing in those days. I remember how different everything seemed in this strange, foreign country… but also, how exciting. However, in true ‘Brits Abroad’ style, we took tins of baked beans and packets of cornflakes with us!


I’ve always been drawn to France, going back there often and, as a 17 year old doing the ‘backpacking’ thing with a school friend.

No package holidays to the Canaries or Thailand in those days, it was InterRail and the channel ferry.

Italy too, played its part. After university, I went to work there for a year… and stayed three. It’s that sort of place!

Looking back, I often had no clear idea of where my path would take me…

However, the choices I made and the decisions I took always felt right. If they didn’t, I knew it. Now, I also know that I don’t need to have that clear path in front of me. All I have to do is connect with what I am passionate about, trust that it will happen, and let it happen.

And, so it continues...

The more I trust myself and believe in my purpose, the more I see what I trust and believe manifest in my life.

That’s how it works.

And, A New Way of Being is a product of that process.

To be living my passion and my purpose in a place that inspires and feeds my soul so completely, is a joy and a privilege that I am honoured to share with you.

A New Way of Being is an invitation…

An invitation to take your journey, to connect with your purpose and live your passion, to tread your path and learn what’s yours to learn and, in so doing, discover your own new way of being.

Helen Kerrison is the founder of A New Way of Being

Helen Kerrison is the founder of A New Way of Being Retreat Getaways. She is also an international speaker, presenter, mentor, trainer, TV show host, best-selling author and has been a regular cast member on the US Cable-TV show Living Consciously.

Helen RTBFShe has hosted her own internet-TV shows, including Live the Life you Love and Insight TV.

Helen is the founder of Insight in Business and Live the Life you Love and co-founder of People2Profits.