Client Stories

Every day I am inspired by my clients and it is a huge privilege to be a part of their journey. Here are a few of their stories…

Lulu, Art Advisor, Kuwait

I found Helen on-line and was intrigued by her approach and her focus on women. I booked a bespoke retreat with Helen for 4 nights/5 days in Italy, Lake Como. Prior to the retreat I was unable to let go of feelings of anger and resentment that I had held on to for years. Helen taught me how to shift my perspective and in doing so, shift my energy to a higher frequency. I had a wonderful time stretching and chanting by the water in the early mornings and working with Helen on creating this shift in the afternoons. After the retreat I felt lighter, happier and excited about my future. I recommend Helen’s retreat for anyone wanting to make a real change in their lives.

Mirjam Koudijzer, Cegeka, Belgium

MirjamWhen I first heard of Helen, I was very sceptical. I thought: ‘Who is this woman who claims to be able to bring clarity into my life, something which I have been trying to do for more than 10 years?’ Curiously, I took the phone and called her. That was the beginning of a fantastic journey! And she kept her word! I found the clarity in what I want to do in life and work. Helen has the ability to ‘read’ you. She’s an active listener without ever being judging, which is so liberating, and she shares so many amazing ‘tools’ that are so helpful. Working with Helen has brought me more clarity than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Helen, you will always be my inspiration.

Andrea Grisdale, CEO, IC Bellagio, Italy

Andrea GrisdaleI met Helen at a conference in Rome, where she was presenting. She was someone who I really clicked with and we started working together shortly afterwards. I have never looked back.  She helped me so much and made such a difference to my life and my business. The work continues, as do the results – it’s quite simply amazing and worth the investment of time and money without any doubt!

Wendy Deyell, Entrepreneur, Belgium

Wendy Deyell

I started working with Helen because I was in a rut. I needed to change something in the business I was developing but I wasn’t sure what. After one discussion with Helen, I literally flipped my business model on its head! This allowed me to focus on working from my strengths and have more fun while doing it. I now feel like I am “in the zone”, doing what I love and using my energy, passion and skills in the way that brings the most benefit to me and my clients. I recommend Helen to anyone who is trying to find the right path in life or business, implement a business plan or craft marketing messages. She also has a great sense of humour. We had huge fun while making wondrous things happen!

Eszter Debreczeni, Microsoft, Hungary

MusikI first met Helen at a conference and I was amazed by a couple of the things her session did to me! I decided I had to work with Helen and came to Brussels with a lot of curiosity (and also anxiety) about what the day would bring. I found so much security, safety, love and support. I released a lot of things, I connected with myself, I experienced deep, revealing moments and I was very surprised how Helen helped me connect with my dreams, my path, my road… I am fully energized, determined and very happy. I am really very, very thankful.

Helena Buckinx, Artist & Author, Belgium

Helena Buckinx)Working with Helen I found answers to a very large question – my real goal and ambition in life! I feel blessed to finally see for real what I had felt inside for years. I feel I’m living again, maybe for the very first time. What a change! Working with Helen is all about believing and seeing your dreams come true. Of course, it takes work, starting with your own self-belief and actions. I had read about the theory in books and working with Helen has made it real. Thank you, Helen. I am very grateful and I am on my way!

Julie Lyons, Fidelity, Luxemburg

Julie 2012What a journey with Helen, the voyage has been transformational! I’m gradually moving from work-life imbalance, frustration, overwork, fatigue and stress to an almost surreal state of being. Additional bonus, weight concerns are vanishing into thin air without even trying! It’s funny, at the outset, I told myself this would be the best year yet – and it IS. Thank you, Helen, for your wisdom, support, sharing your expertise, moving me into this space, coaching me into a state of self assurance and confidence to make it happen.

Emanuela Molinari, Operations Executive, Italy

When I started working with Helen I felt overwhelmed and had no idea what to do about it. I learned how to change my relationships with others and, most importantly, with myself. Helen gave me the courage to be honest with myself and make choices and take decisions that have given me a much happier, more successful life at work and at home.

Wendy Joris, Mirrorhorses, Belgium

Wendy Joris2

I had been struggling for years to find out what it is I wanted to do with my life that would make me feel fulfilled. I was missing a life’s purpose, a bigger mission, something that would make me jump out of bed in the morning full of energy. Since working with Helen, I know what I want to do with my life. That feels so great, energising and liberating. I have a clear sense of direction and certainty that I never had before. Working with Helen has literally changed my life! Helen, I want to thank you for being an angel! Now my life looks completely different!

Hanna Kuikka, Authentic Marketing Designer, Finland

Hanna KuikkaHelen has a powerful gift. She lovingly guides us to become aware of what’s really important to each of us and how to bring it into our everyday lives. With Helen, we get to become the princesses and princes that we’ve always wanted to be in our own lives. How wonderful is that! I’ve found it fabulous to explore my true sparkle with Helen. I warmly recommend her to everyone who wants to explore their passions, feel more joyfully alive and enrich their daily life with more meaning.