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Holistic Wellbeing Coaching

Holistic Wellbeing for Life Transformation

Holistic Wellbeing for Life Transformation is a structured, comprehensive and inspiring coaching program to discover your Purpose, Passion and True Self.

Holistic Wellbeing Coaching connects you to your Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical ‘bodies’ to create inner and outer Health, Happiness and Wellbeing.

You experiences will be many and varied.

As you venture along your path, you harness the power of your emotions to become ’emotionally mindful’. You discover the keys to release your mental or thinking mind from negativity, stress and overwhelm. As you open your heart center and seat of intuition, you deepen your spiritual connection with yourself. Your physical body discovers how making small changes and adopting simple wellbeing habits bring new levels of vitality and fitness to everything you do.

HK Ultimate Life Transformation

Helen works with clients who are committed to personal development and are curious to experience holistic wellbeing. They are ready to discover their inner power and use it to transform their lives.

When you work with Helen you are personally guided to…

♦  Take your inner journey of self-discovery

♦  Discover purpose, passion and meaning in your life

♦  Make negative thinking and limiting beliefs things of the past

♦  Enjoy new levels of commitment in all your relationships

♦  Feel fit, radiant and full of vitality

♦  Simply, be the person you are meant to be…

What a few of Helen’s clients say…

Wendy DeyellI was in a rut. I knew I needed to change something in the business I was developing but I wasn’t sure what.
After one discussion with Helen, I literally flipped my business model on its head! I am now doing what I love, focused on my priorities, using my energy, passion and skills and having fun!

Wendy Deyell, Entrepreneur


Helena Buckinx)I feel like I’m living again.It is amazing to feel so happy just being alive. For years, I counted the days until the weekends…What a change! Thank you for helping me find my true goal in life. I feel blessed to finally see for real what I had felt inside for years.

Helena Buckinx, Artist & Author


MusikI met Helen and decided I had to work with her. What an experience! I released a lot of things, I connected with myself, I experienced deep, revealing moments and I was very surprised how Helen helped me connect with my dreams, my path, my road… I am fully energized, determined very happy and very, very thankful.

Eszter Debreczeni, Microsoft Executive

Invest in Yourself

You are serious about your life and you have a deep desire to fulfill your potential. You are ready to be more, feel more and discover more. If this is you, we are delighted to hear from you!

Become a Client

The 3 month Holistic Wellbeing Coaching program gives you simple, no-fuss strategies to create the life you desire, and receive the support and guidance you require to bring your projects to fruition.

The program is customised to your needs, your preferences and to delivering the very best for you.

The structured 3 month program includes:

  • Regular one-to-one Coaching sessions with Helen

  • Weekly online Training: Wisdom Masterclasses

  • Weekly online Training: Transformation Techniques

  • Regular Email Updates

  • Introduction to Energy Techniques for Wellbeing

  • Plus, Evaluation & Review sessions

To apply to work personally with Helen, email us using This Link.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, so feel free to tell us about yourself using the questions below as a guide.

  • What areas of your life are falling short of your desires, and why?
  • What is your biggest challenge?
  • How does this impact your life?
  • If you could get rid of your biggest obstacle, what would your life look like?
  • How committed are you to doing what it takes?
  • How did you hear about Helen?
  • What particularly excites you about Helen’s approach?

Email your interest in Holistic Wellbeing Coaching by clicking on This Link. Remember to include your full name and your mobile phone number.

We will be in touch with you very soon.

Warmest wishes,

Helen’s Team