Silence in a Distracted World

I am often asked the number one ‘must have’ for living a more conscious and mindful life.

There is no straightforward answer.

Many things are important; the desire and willingness to become self-aware, the curiosity to explore new perspectives, the openness to let go of judgement…

Yet, underpinning all of these I believe, is the ability to be silent.


16 Be quiet be still be you

The Lost Art of Silence

Noise, chatter and distraction surrounds us in every waking moment. It even follows us in our dreams when we are asleep.

To counteract this stimulation overload, I invite you to open yourself to stillness.

Turn your gaze inwards.

Breathe, inhale and exhale deeply; listen to your body, tame your mind, be quiet.

This is how to connect with your inner wisdom,


At first, your mind will resist.

It will flit all over the place and you will feel far from still and far from peaceful.

That’s OK. Stay with it, gently easy yourself into being still and feeling peaceful.

As you experience more stillness, you become more attuned to the ‘sound’ of your silence. You start to ‘hear’ the messages that are just for you.

Your inner wisdom is speaking.


The Art of Silence, is the Art of Life

Learn how to let silence speak.

It is easy to welcome silence into your life through meditation.


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