In a world where the phone never seems to stop ringing and you are bombarded with emails, night and day, it is REALLY difficult finding space for yourself.

The key to putting back what life takes out is to find that space…

Put back what life takes out

Escape your hectic surroundings and quiet the commotion in your mind. Take the first simple step…

Put back what life takes out-posted

The first step is to stop

Stop doing whatever it is you are doing, saying, thinking, believing…

If you are worrying, if you are angry, if you have a deadline to meet and time’s running out, whatever the situation, you have to take yourself out of it before you can do anything to remedy it.

As Einstein pointed out, trying to find a solution with the same thinking you used to create it, doesn’t work!

The second step is  to change your environment

If you’re in the office, take a walk outside; if you’re driving, park up and do a few jumping jacks; if you’re having an argument, call a time out. It’s all about changing the energy.

The third step is to change your thinking

You’ve changed the energy of your environment, now change the energy of your thoughts. Be aware of where your thoughts take you. Actively seek a new perspective. When a negative thought enters your head, change it. Ask yourself ‘How could I see this differently?’

Practice makes perfect

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